Pretoria, South Africa


Menlyn (far away from the mania of Joburg) is home to a group of exceptionally talented developer-overachievers who spend their days constructing all sorts of ecommerce-based products. Here, we use leading-edge technology to build and maintain over twenty products in our back-office suite, including ecommerce B2C payments, user-registration applications, customer segmentation, complex event processing and more.


Menlyn, the new commercial, corporate hub of Pretoria, is a fast-growing urban area that offers integrated spaces for business, residential properties and lifestyle centres. There is nothing more convenient than having banks, gyms, hotels and amazing retail outlets in the same complex as your office, which is exactly why we chose to work from this area. Pretoria, a.k.a. the Jacaranda City (due to its abundance of bright purple Jacaranda trees), is the gentleman city of South Africa: it’s home to the executive branch of government, three universities, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, the South African Bureau of Standards and numerous embassies. Pretty and professional, it allows for a perfect balance between work-life and life-life.


Pegasus Building 2
110 Mercy Avenue
Menlyn Maine


Email Address : [email protected]

Telephone Number : 031 580 1000