Cape Town, South Africa

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This pioneering team continuously pushes the boundaries and challenges the status quo. Here, we specialise in designing and building outstanding software products, mainly on mobile platforms, for the online gaming industry. Teamwork, constant learning and a fearless approach to trying new things means that we deliver top-notch products on every occasion (we enjoy being the best). We’re curious and passionate and there is nothing more we love than solving a challenge over a cup of coffee. We take personal development seriously and we want to see our people aspire, improve and achieve. For our artists, game designers and software developers, this is their intellectual and creative home.


The Mother City. Known for its mountain, sea, beauty, wine farms, people, Robben Island–you get the picture. Cape Town has been voted in more top-10-places-to-see-before-you-die lists than we can remember, so this is not us blowing our own horn. For delicious food (it’s also been voted the best foodie destination in the world), long-day summers and wonderful nightlife, Cape Town is the place to be.



Data Scientist, Jon Calder’s

Data Scientist, Jon Calder’s

Jon Calder, full time data scientist, part time musician and blogger from Derivco Cape Town talks to us about his recent lecture at the University of Cape Town and provides some insights into the rapidly growing discipline of Data science. Getting to know Jon Calder I’m an aspiring data scientist (impostor syndrome is common in…

EIGHT reasons to attend satRday!

EIGHT reasons to attend satRday!

The satRday Cape Town conference – the first in Africa and second in the world is taking place on the 18th February 2017 in South Africa’s beautiful Mother City.


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Century City
Western Cape, South Africa, 7441

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