Teamwork Makes the Dream Work at Derivco

At Derivco, teams are not simply a nice to have. Our rapidly changing environment demands flexibility, rapid responsiveness and real-time problem-solving while remaining innovative and focussed on quality – a feat that goes beyond the possibility of individual realisation. With teamwork, we can bridge the gap, tackling any of the multi-faceted challenges our dynamic industry brings.

Moving from “me” to “we”

Teams form the basis of our culture, and by shifting the emphasis from individual accountability to a shared team accountability with clear performance goals, a high degree of personal engagement and commitment within our teams becomes essential.

By creating a shared purpose, with shared processes and accountability, our aim is to foster an environment where team members celebrate each other’s growth and success.

Teams facilitate interpersonal exchange, cultivating an environment in which members can:

  • Push the boundaries
  • Challenge thinking
  • Realise untapped potential

Creating a culture of continuous improvement

We believe in creating a learning environment with a culture of continuous improvement – a philosophy that permeates our teams. Learning through their successes, as well as their mistakes, teams provide a space of psychological safety where there is room for growth and members are motivated, challenged, rewarded and supported.

Naturally, the fast-paced pressures and demands placed on teams, often mean that the social dimension takes a backseat. However, the quality of team member relationships and the ability to have fun together is not a trivial point. Fun and a well-developed sense of humour is an essential part of who we are, as well as an essential part of the success of our teams.

The sum is greater than the parts. Or is it?

At Derivco, we have an unmatched selection of talented individuals – all very passionate people who are serious about their craft. Throw a bunch of passionate experts and specialists together and the equation goes: the whole is more than the sum of its parts, right? Not always! We recognise that diverse teams consistently outperform homogenous teams by bringing complementary skills and experiences together. However, diversity brings with it its own set of challenges, and conflict and cohesiveness need to be managed before it becomes destructive.

This, coupled with high performing teams being the holy grail of organisations who consider themselves ahead of the curve, means that ensuring good team dynamics and team cohesion is central to driving a high-performance culture.

Breaking down barriers for better teamwork

Interpersonal issues often act as barriers to effectiveness and we have found that the Insights Discovery workshops and way of thinking allow teams to explore various matters around cohesion, communication and preferred working styles, unearthing potential blockers to performance and effective teamwork.

The Insights journey challenges perceptions and breaks down barriers to communication, and in so doing, helps to redefine relationships between team members by equipping them with an increased self-awareness and deeper understanding of each other.

We use the Insights workshops to help teams start a conversation while in a safe space that encourages openness, candour and mutual respect. The process is invigorating, confronting team issues in a deeply insightful, positive and fun manner, guiding teams through a journey of finding and maintaining a desired state of flow.

This serves as a catalyst for ongoing conversations around team and individual behaviour and performance, both in retrospect and with an eye to the future.

Insights Discovery and Insights Learning Systems were originated by Andi and Andy Lothian. Insights, Insights Discovery and the Insights Wheel are registered trademarks of The Insights Group Ltd.

Author: Lucinda Bruce

With a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, Lucinda is driven to influence thinking, challenge perceptions, unearth hidden talent, and nurture and grow future contributors. Supporting Talent Acquisition, Talent Development and Talent Management within Derivco, she is passionate about guiding individuals toward a deeper understanding of self and others, unleashing potential, and empowering them to become the best versions of themselves.