Keeping our finger on the pulse

Data Analyst Dean Napier loves working with information and stats.

Here, he talks about his latest project, Pulse Surveys, and how this method can help us perform at our best.

We are advised to check our teeth with a dentist twice a year, check in with our financial planner at least once a year, check our bank statement monthly, and see a doctor whenever we don’t feel well.

Why? Because it’s the regular check-ups that help keep us on track, achieve a goal or see whether our efforts are having the desired impact.

With immediate feedback on the state of our health or finances, it gives us information, on the turn, that we can use to pick up trends that could hinder us in achieving our goals.

The question we posed as an organisation, was how can we get regular feedback from our people?

Be the best in the game

As a tech firm continuously striving to be the best in the game, our business is powered by some of the brightest minds around. It makes sense then that we regularly check in with our employees, right?

We need to plug into their views and opinions because our people are the ones who drive the company forward.

And most importantly, this needs to happen frequently.

Enter the Pulse Survey

The pulse survey is rapidly changing the way human resources operates in companies around the world, where the trend is moving away from the traditional annual survey, to short surveys undertaken at regular intervals.

In our fast-moving industry, it gives us a major boost to quickly assess where we stand on matters that concern the business and act where necessary.

Traditional more lengthy employee surveys may not be phased out entirely and they do help gauge longer term goals, however the shorter length of a pulse survey means that employees responding to it don’t run into survey fatigue, and we are able to tap into their concerns and make changes as needed.

These are the 5 ways pulse surveys are making us better:

  1. Pulse surveys provides a channel to hear the voice of the employee on key topics relevant to the organisation. There’s often little time in the buzz of the office space to engage with every employee at the same time, but using the Pulse survey as a method to quickly gauge views is a fast-growing medium.
  2. Getting almost-instant feedback about how people feel about new initiatives that you have implemented. This is especially important because the tech industry is so fast paced, and our decisions need to change as the market changes.
  3. Allows for more frequent measures of employee engagement, resulting in quicker remedial action where necessary. We don’t have to wait for a whole year to pass to take an annual survey, we can tap into topics with a sense of immediacy.
  4. Provides the ability to tap into the beliefs and behaviours that make up your lived organisational culture. This is so important in a company where culture is the core of our success.
  5. If the survey is designed well, the time between data collection and taking action on that data is reduced. This is especially important in a dynamic industry where agility is key.

Pulse surveys are rapidly changing the way businesses and organisations grow, the manner in which it grows and how to continuously up your game better in an ever-changing business landscape.