Senior Developer (Technical Lead)

Job Description

Purpose of the position:
To develop, test and document high quality software to meet requirements. To review code and provide mentorship and leadership to developers. This is a Web Application role with focus specifically on C#, SQL Server, WebAPI and AngularJS / JavaScript.

Key areas of responsibility:

  • Actively mentors team members.
  • Actively reinforces efforts and progress in software design.
  • Gives appropriate feedback on software design.
  • Clarifies the importance and purpose of the communication.
  • Clearly conveys information and ideas.
  • Communicates effectively and appropriately with all organization levels.
  • Communicates ideas effectively and efficiently to others.
  • Actively identifies new areas for learning and improvement.
  • Actively participates in learning activities.
  • Continually updates required MCSE and other skills.
  • Puts newly gained knowledge and skill into practice on the job
  • Actively participates as a member of a team to move the team toward the completion of goals.
  • Adheres to the team’s expectations and guidelines.
  • Demonstrates personal commitment to the team.
  • Fulfills team responsibilities.
  • Listens to and fully involves others in team decisions and actions.
  • Perform reviews of specifications, design and code
  • Chooses an appropriate software design that will meet business and functionality requirements, according to the development request.
  • Ensures that the software design meets industry standards and company standards.
  • Ensures the implemented design in thoroughly tested.
  • Determines most effective and efficient software design to meet specifications, when necessary.
  • Develops software, as per Derivco standards, to meet the defined requirements within the agreed deadline and project schedule.
  • Ensures that all the produced artefacts are versioned correctly and accurately.
  • Ensures that the project schedule and technical aspects of the project are regularly updated.
  • Obtains sign-off on developed software from Product Owner.
  • Produces the required artefacts for software (such as source files, executables, components, configuration files, scripts etc.).
  • Completes comprehensive and detailed documentation for the software developed, according to documentation standards and within the project schedule.
  • Forwards the documentation to the Product Owner for checking and approval.
  • Makes amendments to documentation when necessary.
  • Communicate optimisations performed on software to the team and department with the aim of improving our products.
  • Review and optimise code either on request or when improvements are encountered
  • Ensures the code is developed according to the determined standards.
  • Ensures the design and implementation of the code is according to best practices.
  • Ensures the solutions and code are developed for optimal performance.
  • Ensures that the functionality of the software corresponds to the specifications, within the project schedule and agreed deadline.
  • Fixes identified bugs as directed by the Product Owner.
  • Informs Project Coordinator or Product Owner of status.

Required Skills

• 7 years + experience in software development
• A Relevant Bachelor’s Degree
• WebAPI experience
• C#, JavaScript, CSS and SQL
• HTML5, AngularJS
• Polymer (advantageous)
• Strong technical and troubleshooting skills
• Leadership skills
• Understanding of general programming and application usage
• Understanding of the software development lifecycle
• Problem solving skills
• Database Design

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