Developer Level 2

Job Description

Purpose of the position:
We are looking for a Web Application Developer to join one of our teams responsible for the development and design of our web applications using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Web API, SQL Server.

Key areas of responsibility:

  • Determines most effective and efficient software design to meet specifications, when necessary
  • Determines appropriate software design, in conjunction with Technical Lead/Team Lead and Senior Developers, according to best practice.
  • Develops software, as per company’s standards, to meet the defined specifications from the Technical Lead/Team Lead within the agreed deadline and project schedule.
  • Provides Project Coordinator with accurate estimates for completion of the software.
  • Updates the Project Coordinator and Technical Lead/Team Lead on an ongoing basis, with regards to the project schedule and technical aspects of the project.
  • Obtains sign-off on developed software from Technical Lead/Team Lead or Senior Developer.
  • Produces the required artefacts for the software (such as source files, executables, components, configuration, files, scripts etc).
  • Ensures that all the produced artefacts are versioned correctly and accurately.
  • Ensures that the development or maintenance performed does not compromise the quality and functionality of the software.
  • Completes comprehensive and detailed documentation for the software developed, according to documentation standards and within project schedule.
  • Forwards the documentation to the Technical Lead for checking and approval.
  • Makes amendments to documentation when necessary.
  • Produces the required analysis and design documentation for the software according to the documentation standards and within the project schedule (such as Systems Architecture document and Systems Design document etc.).

Required Skills

• 5 + years’ development experience
• .NET C#
• SQL (MSSQL Server)
• JavaScript
• Web API
• HTML5 + CSS3
• jQuery
• AngularJS
• Polymer (advantageous)

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