TERMS & CONDITIONS applicable to Derivco Events.

Introduction and definitions used in these terms

  • In registering for Our Event and/or agreeing online to these terms and conditions, or by attendance at Our Event, You are entering into an Agreement with Derivco.
  • Any reference to
    • theCompany”, “Derivco”, “Us”, or “We” refers to Derivco (Pty) Limited, a company incorporated in South Africa, with principal place of business at 77 Armstrong Avenue, Forest Park, La Lucia, Durban 4051, South Africa, and includes its members, directors, employees, and contractors
    • “Confidential Information” includes
      • all information of commercial or strategic value about Derivco or its directors, officers, employees, licensees, customers, contractors, and affiliates, whether in oral or in recorded form that is or may be directly or indirectly disclosed or made available to You or any of Your Representatives or which comes to Your attention
        • whether
          • before or
          • after acceptance of these terms
        • and may include information relating to Derivco technology, research, products, software, services, development, creative projects, inventions, processes, designs, drawings, engineering, business plans, marketing, or finances.
    • “Event” or “Our Event” means any event hosted by Derivco;
    • “You” refers to yourself, as an attendee of an Event;
    • “Personal Information” or “Personal Data” means any information related to You as a natural person that can be used to directly or indirectly identify You, and includes
      • Your First Name, Surname, Occupation, E-mail Address, Company Name
      • any other information provided by You on registration or at Our Event.
    • “Social Media” means any online applications that enable the sharing of user-generated information and content online and includes but is not limited to the following platforms: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, WhatsApp, blogs, vlogs, and web forums.

Processing of your personal information

  • By agreeing to these terms, you agree that Derivco may:
    • process your Personal Information and data for identification and communication purposes
    • retain your information after registration or after Our Event should we need to contact you regarding a potential career opportunity after the event
    • use Your name and surname and/or Your image in Derivco publicity material including on Social Media, but only in relation to Our Event.
  • Your Personal Data will
    • be used solely in accordance with current South African data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to a third party without Your prior consent.
    • always be processed securely and removed safely once no longer required.
  • If you have any questions regarding Our handling of Your personal data or would like to submit a data subject request, please contact Us by email at [email protected]

Our Confidential Information

  • You agree and acknowledge that:
    • If you come into possession or knowledge of any Confidential Information (as defined above) as a result of attendance at Our Event or otherwise, or become aware of any misappropriation or misuse of any Confidential Information by any person or entity as a result of attendance at our event, You will:
      • treat any and all such disclosures as disclosures of Confidential Information and as strictly private and confidential, irrespective of whether the Confidential Information disclosed is marked as confidential or proprietary or not;
      • advise Derivco promptly in writing (at [email protected]) if You come into possession of any Confidential Information or become aware of any misappropriation or misuse of any Confidential Information by any person or entity.
      • deliver to Derivco all files, documents, computer programs and other media (and all copies and reproductions of any of the foregoing) which may come into Your possession or control as a result of attendance at the Event to the extent that the same contain Confidential Information and shall, so far as reasonably practicable, permanently erase any Confidential Information from any computer, word processor or other device containing, comprising or including Confidential Information;
      • use at least the same efforts to protect the confidentiality of the Confidential Information as You use to protect Your own proprietary information or industry standards, whichever are higher;
      • not cause or permit disclosure or dissemination of any Confidential Information to any third party;
      • not use Derivco’s Confidential Information to compete with Derivco, directly or indirectly, and
      • upon Our request, certify in writing that You have complied with the provisions of this clause.
    • Disclosure or use of Confidential Information may cause Derivco irreparable harm, for which damages may not be adequate compensation.
    • Derivco may be entitled, in addition to damages, to equitable relief, including an injunction, in order to stop any breach or threatened breach of this Agreement.
    • If Derivco brings any action to enforce or protect any of its rights under this Agreement and is successful, Derivco is entitled to recover, in addition to its damages, its reasonable legal fees and costs incurred in connection therewith.
    • Your undertakings and obligations under this clause shall:
      • not apply to any information which You can establish to have:
        • become publicly known through no fault on the part of Yourself
        • been independently developed by You;
        • been approved in writing for public release by Derivco; or
        • been required to be disclosed by law, or by a competent court, government or regulatory body, if You provide Derivco a reasonable opportunity to review the disclosure before it is made and to interpose its own objection to the disclosure.
      • survive termination of this Agreement

Disclaimer and Indemnity

  • By attending any of Our on-site or online events and/or entering Derivco premises You:
    • accept and acknowledge that You choose to participate freely and voluntarily and entirely at your own risk.
    • acknowledge and accept all inherent risks and agree that neither You nor any of Your dependents, shall have any claims against Derivco whatsoever, including but not limited to any claims for loss, damage, injury or death suffered as a result of your participation in the Event, irrespective of how such claims may arise, including as a result of any negligent or grossly negligent acts or omissions of Derivco.
    • indemnify and hold Derivco harmless against all claims, losses, damages, expenses, and costs (including legal costs on the attorney and client scale) which Derivco may suffer or sustain as a result of your participation in the Event irrespective of the cause thereof, save only to the extent that any such claims, losses, damages, expenses or costs as aforesaid result from a willful or grossly negligent act or omission of Derivco.

Applicable law

These terms and conditions will be governed by South African law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of South Africa.