Derivco Durbans 2nd Business Analyst night!

Wrtitten by Paulo Conde – Business Analyst

August got off to a cracker of a start for Derivco as we held Durban’s 2nd Business Analyst night. There’s been a lot of talk around the coffee stations around how Business Analysts fit into the world of Agile, so we partnered with the South African chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBASA) and flew in some of the country’s leading agile practitioners to ‘Demystify Agile Principles and Values for Business Analysts’.

We had a fantastic turnout with over 70 Business Analysts from around Durban taking part in the 3 hour evening workshop that provided both theoretical background and practical application of Agile. Angie Doyle and Biase de Gregorio did a great job at keeping people engaged throughout the evening and were able to impart a bucket loads of knowledge within only a few hours. There was a lot of head-scratching and friendly banter as attendees applied themselves to the topics at hand, but everyone came away with a much better understanding of where they fit in in the world of Agile software development.

It is awesome to see how this event has played a part in bringing the Business Analyst community in Durban together. Connections were made on the evening and discussions have continued long after the workshop, both in person and on social media as BA’s have begun to put their knowledge into practice.