Derivco Durban hosts its 14th Dev Night!

Dev Night Review – Sarah Pitman, Marketing Specialist

On Wednesday the 23rd of August 2017, Derivco Durban hosted its 14th Dev Night, a night of info sharing and inspiration, aimed at a community of technology, innovation and software development enthusiasts.

The night began with build your own burgers and drinks, allowing everyone to mingle and be well fed before the event began. We had our U-booth set up with our Oculus Rift and in house developed VR experiences on show, for people to experience some of the awesome software we have developed in-house. Jungle Jim was being showcased, allowing you to experience standing on a cliff edge with a waterfall below you, doing all sorts of crazy things.


The guest speakers we welcomed on the evening were Simon Stewart and Kuda Murungu. Simon is the Founder and lead trainer at Broken Keyboards Software and organizer of the JavaScript in South Africa Conference. His talk aimed to teach us how to deliver amazing user experiences on the web. In his presentation, Simon broke down the buzzwords, ‘Progressive Web Apps’, into real examples, showing you how to apply it to new and existing web systems as well as non-web solutions.

Kuda is a Databuild Software Developer, who looked at some of the newly added features and functionalities of Chrome Dev Tools. He taught us how to effectively make use of the editing, debugging, profiling and auditing features of the tools available. He also shared tips and tricks that will make us more productive in our daily workflows.

The evening was a huge success with 350 tech fanatics being given just what they need to feel inspired, push boundaries and develop great things.