A longstanding start-up

Derivco Cape Town

Q&A With acting General Manager – Neethling Du Toit


What makes Derivco Cape Town (CT) unique?

Derivco Cape Town is spearheading the progress of the tech world, by continually building world-class technology. We do a lot of research daily to align ourselves very closely with global trends and pioneering how we build our games. We have established an office that focuses on informal work-spaces for teams to collaborate, generate ideas more effectively and feel creatively free.

Plus it helps that we have an amazing view!

What will Derivco CT give you if you are interested in working in the Tech space?

In Cape Town there aren’t a lot of companies which feel and act like a start-up, but which have the experience and security of a company that has been around for two decades. At Derivco CT, we are working on cutting-edge technologies in changing markets which is essentially what sets a start-up apart. We have the excitement and energy of a startup but also the security of a longstanding and large corporate. It’s the perfect combination.

Looking into the future, what is exciting about Derivco CT?

We have established a great foundation and have learnt a lot about how we should be working and what is important to our employees. We keep asking ourselves how do we drive our technology forward? We can now build on that by creating an environment that works for our people while also establishing technology that will fundamentally add value to Derivco and grow the Derivco business internationally.

How would you define the Derivco CT culture?

We are unique because we operate as a close unit. We understand and appreciate each other’s responsibilities, we care about each other’s problems as much as we care for each other’s successes.

What is your favorite thing about working in Cape Town?

The thing I like the most about working in CT is that the people have a sense of creativity that runs across everything they do and they are always trying to find the best solutions to whichever problems may arise. The other thing I really like is that people here tend to play as hard as they work and I think that really drives creativity and passion in a unique and interesting way.